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Buy Banarasi Saree Online And Give a Glamorous Look To Your Style

If you have heard about the Indian saree, you would certainly know about the Banarasi saree as it is one of the best sarees available in India. Such is the popularity of the royal Banarasi silk sarees. Banarasi sarees have one of the finest weaves of India. Top Bollywood celebrities and all the brides prefer to wear Banarasi Sarees for their richness and elegance. The origin of Banaras sarees dates back centuries when the Muslim weavers migrated to Varanasi and started weaving Banaras sarees. Hence Banarasi weaves impart a lot of similarities of the Mughal era in the woven designs.

Classic Banarasi Silk Saree Designs

Mughal and Persian design are spectacular in the motif and butta details of these brocade woven sarees. A variety of Banarasi sarees are available, like Banarasi pure silk sarees, Banarasi cotton silk sarees, which can be differentiated by the use of base yarns, weaving techniques, and patterns. Tanchoi and Jamdani are popular variations under the Classic Banarasi Silk Sarees. The use of shimmering zari yarns with pure silk imparts an imperial feel to these drapes.

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It’s time to get familiar with the rich saree legacy of India as Bookmywear brings to you hand-picked Benarasi Sarees from the looms of Varanasi, woven to be an exquisite addition to the collection of sarees in your wardrobe.

Type of Banarasi sarees

Banarasi Kataan silk saree

This pure silk Banarasi saree is made with pure Banarasi threads which are twisted and woven together to create the softest piece of saree. This is always on the favorite list of Indian brides for its lustrous and regal appearance.

Banarasi saree in georgette

Banarasi georgette sarees, also called Khaddi Banarasi sarees have the finest texture and fall flawlessly. In this saree, Banarasi zari weave technique is applied on georgette fabric to make it more elegant and easy to drape.

Buttidar Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees have small traditional motifs woven close to each other to form a sequenced pattern. This is the most famous style of Banarasi as it comes in a variety of prints and colors. The size of the butta varies depending upon the design.

Jaal Banarasi sarees

Jaal designs were influenced by the Mughal era and bring changes to the weaving style and motifs of Banarasi sarees. It has intricately woven floral motifs, which is another Mughal era-inspired design.

Tanchoi Banarasi sarees

Tanchoi Banarasi sarees have beautiful Jamawar styles paisleys woven by zari. The designed-in these sarees are created by intricately weaving multicolor silk threads. The saree also includes large-size paisley motifs on pallus.

Banarasi Saree for Indian Wedding

Most north Indian weddings and festivals are incomplete without wearing pure Banarasi Silk sarees. Before the Designer Lehenga took over, the rich hand-crafted saree from Banaras used to be the traditional Bridal Saree among many north Indian communities. Today, Banarasi Silk Sarees are back in trend and many women are looking to wear Banarasi Saree as their reception saree. Apart from traditional colors such as red, orange, and yellow, these sarees are available in various designs, including black Banarasi silk saree with golden borders, which is worth having in your wardrobe.

How to take care of your traditional Banarasi Sarees?

Banarasi sarees are exclusive and feel precious once you own them. We even pass them on to generations so, it is important to preserve them properly. Here are some tips to help you preserve the lustrous and softness of these sarees.

Never wash the Banarasi saree the way you wash other clothes as they might catch stains. It is always recommended to dry clean them.
After use, Banarasi Silk Sarees must be folded properly and kept in a muslin cloth. It is breathable therefore the sarees won’t give a bad smell even after years of storage.
Place it in a dark corner of your closet as it prevents discoloration.
Keep it away from damp areas as it may cause stains.

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