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Shop Banarasi Saree Online: Bring the Silk Legacy of India to your Closet

Buying Banarasi Saree Online means more than six yards of beautiful, lustrous & rich fabric. It’s a tradition that you wrap around.

We sell supreme quality Banarasi Sarees online. This culture-preserved saree is always in demand on our site & thanks to the variety we offer, it is one of our bestselling sarees online.

Traditional Banarasi Saree: History & Origin

Banarasi, the name is derived from Banaras city in India. You can easily guess that it finds its origin in Banaras or Varanasi only.

India is a diversified nation where the beautiful amalgamation of different cultures gave birth to incredible masterpieces. Banarasi Sari is one of them. They were born in the Mughal era where their artisans chose Banaras as their center for crafting saris. We so see the designs, patterns, and floral motifs on Banarasi Saris that are inspired by the Mughals. Kalga, Bel, Jhallar, etc are to be named as a few.

The saree that took 15 days, a month or 6 months to complete during that era now takes very less time comparatively. However, if you compare the craftsmanship, we would say – the older the better!

Just like wine, a Banarasi Saree looks more beautiful with age. Even if you wear this sari from your grandmother’s wardrobe, you’ll not look old-fashioned at all. The well-spun fabric & intricate details are to die for.

Types of Banarasi Silk Sarees

You often see Banarasi sarees being referred to as Banarasi Silk Saris too. Why so? This vintage classic is mostly known for silk fabric. However, silk isn’t the only material you get this saree in. Here are the chart-buster Banarasi Saris you should invest in:

  1. Katan aka Pure Silk
  2. Shattir
  3. Organza Silk
  4. Georgette Banarasi
  5. Jangla Banarasi
  6. Tanchoi or Jamawar
  7. Cutwork Banarasi sari
  8. Tissue cotton
  9. Butidar

Just like any other royal-touch silk sari, Banarasi saris are also recommended for brides. Wedding functions are incomplete without Banarasi sarees. Silk yarn itself is so amazing. How can you not think of a Banarasi sari for an auspicious occasion like a wedding? No matter if you’re a bride or a wedding guest, we highly recommend having at least one unique sari in Banarasi accent to look extra elegant.

How to style a Blouse with a Banarasi sari?

When you’re stressing so much on the sari, let’s not forget that a blouse is equally important. Here are the blouse style suggestions to try:

  • Embroidery Blouse
  • Plain Sleeveless Blouse
  • Full-sleeved Plain Blouse
  • Plain Contrast Blouse
  • Matching Border Elbow-length Blouse
  • Brocade Blouse

How is a Banarasi Sari different from Kanjiwaram Saree?

What will be your answer if we ask the finest silk sarees in India? Probably – Kanjivaram & Banrasi will come first on your tongue naturally. We hardly remember if there is someone who doesn’t know about these two luxurious saree varieties.

The core difference between a Banarasi and Kanjiwaram Saree is their origin & design. Both of them are inspired by different cultural backgrounds. Kanjiwaram is from south India – Tamil Nadu. Banrasi is from Varanasi or Banaras i.e. north India. Where golden thread is used for weaving a Kanchipuram saree, gold & silver zari is utilized for a Banarasi style. And how can we forget their colors?! They’re fantastic.

Where to find the original Banarasi Saree online?

Go nowhere, but shop original Banarasi Saree online with us here. We don’t want you to get fooled by paying hefty amounts & not getting expected quality from other sources. Just look at our stylish range & imagine yourself wearing them. You’ll fall in love all over again with sarees.

Banarasi Sarees Online

Do you think genuine Banarasi Sarees Online is hard to find? We agree with you. A lot of them may claim to be selling 100% genuine Banarasi saris, but you may end up with a bad experience. Not anymore! We’re here to serve eye-feasts & money-value sari quality in Banarasi style.

This handloom saree style is one of our bestsellers & our collection gets out of stock in no time we upload. If you have an eye for authenticity, put your trust in us & we will stand up to your expectations. We’ve been the backbone of many Indian retailers, resellers, and vendors. They’re always surprised with how we manage to maintain the consistency of quality we deliver. We bet you’ll forget your past experiences once you start dealing with us.

Our gorgeous & affordable range of Banarasi Sarees is something people are always looking for. When you’ve found us, don’t miss out on this chance. Just try to place your first order and we assure, you won’t disappoint with quality.

So, when are you placing your order of saree online? If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support now!

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