Georgette fabrics are available in different weave threads. The one made from 100% silk viscose is the most expensive and while those made from natural silk are cheaper and less breathable. For someone who prefers to wear natural fibers over synthetic material, a silk georgette is the best option. Silk georgette also has some benefits. This fabric is breathable and makes it ideal for any type of climate. Due to its high absorbency, silk fabric imparts clear prints and bright colors. Silk georgette has an extraordinary resilience and therefore it is suitable for tailoring. This material is also very strong in nature, making silk georgette clothes much more stable compared to chiffon and other fabrics.

Being lightweight and having a comfortable texture of georgette fabric is a popular choice for various occasions. Georgette fabric can be tailored into various styles including suits, lehengas, Anarkalis, dresses, blouses,and sarees.

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Due to their high resilience, georgette sarees can be produced in a wide variety of colors, shades, and prints. Floral, geometric, and abstract shapes are some of the common prints found in georgette sarees. To help women find the right georgette saree for a special occasion, we, at Bookmywear offers a variety of color and print choices.

Georgette sarees are popular ethnic clothing for their lightness and seamless elegance. They come in a variety of vibrant prints which can be chosen according to the occasion and makes them a great option for women. Georgette sarees are one of the most popular styles because it suits all body types and is also the perfect festive outfit. These sarees also give a certain elevated and elegant look. Shop from a wide range of Georgette sarees Online on Bookmywear by exploring our wide range of designs of Georgettes Sarees.

This is semi-sheer clothing has a strong grainy feel which makes it resistant to wear and tear. Due to this reason, this fabric can be easily dyed in different colors. With many options on colors and prints, the demand for Georgette Sarees have Skyroketted in the past few years.

The sheer and resilient feel of georgette sarees makes them one of most popular sarees among young women. They are a perfect blend of modern and traditional fashion and can can ne worn in all occasions. Georgette sarees have opened the likes of young women towards saree on the whole since it is fashionable, well printed and reveal those beautiful curves. If you ask any woman what kind of contemporary Indian clothing they want, a georgette saree will definitely be on the top her list. Georgette is also one of the most popular fabrics used in the fashion industry and sarees have taken it to a whole another level. Designers today, prefer, saree styles and patterns created from a georgette fabric.

We know the demands of fashion and tradition, therefore, we bring you an array of fine georgette sarees. Contemporary, traditional and designer sarees in a wide range of colors and styles are available to feed your taste at Bookmywear. The collection of sarees at Bookmywear is a delight for every woman who loves to stand-out during an occasion.

Tips To Maintain Pure Georgette Printed Sarees

Though the georgette fabric is susceptible to losing shape, it can be easily maintained with little care. Here are few tips to make your Georgette sarees last forever.

Do not use strong detergents or chemicals while washing georgette sarees. Make sure you wash them with cold water. If the saree is heavily embroidered then dry cleaning is a better option.
Do not dry them in a washing machine ans avoid squeezing and stretching as it can ruin the shape of the sarees.
Do not dry in direct sunlight to prevent fading of colors.
Keep the sarees folded in a dry place and redo the folds in 3 to 4 months.
Do not hang georgette sarees for long period of time as they can lose their strength and resilience.
Use good quality safety pins on the saree to avoid tearing.

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Georgette sarees can be worn to work, casual outings, semi-formal and formal occasion. The flexibility and seamless texture of the fabric makes it suitable for any body type. Georgette sarees are versatile since they are available in light to heavily embroidered styles.

Georgette sarees give a flawless regal look and make a great choice for a wedding. Pair it with a conservative blouse and traditional jewelry and you will be the talk of the occasion.

If you are going for a party, a black georgette saree is a great choice. Team that with a designer blouse and glittery clutch to achieve that classic style you desire.

If you are the one who loves an effortless look on a formal occasion, a plain georgette saree with a contrasting plain border is perfect for you. Pair with classy earrings and heels and you are good to go.

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