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With a history spanning more than two centuries, the Mysore silk sarees represent the rich past of India and Indian traditions. Exclusively made in the State of Karnataka in India, the significance of the Mysore silk saree is characterized by its lightly designed body and simple zari weaved borders. The crepe variety of Mysore silk is the most desirable one for its wavy and pleated appearance.
Mysore silk is one of the finest and purest forms of silk. It is well-known for its extraordinary sheen, purity of the zari, a seamless non-crush quality, and a lustrous feel. Buy Mysore silk sarees online from Bookmywear and feel the essence of royalty.

The lustrous fabric is not just worn for its looks but is also soft to touch. The rustle of the pleats and the flashes of gold in the pallu gives an eye-pleasing look. It glides freely on your body and gives you all the room you need to move around. Once exclusively crafted for the Mysore royalty, the Mysore silk sarees can now be availed from Bookmywear.

They are considered one of the most popular handloom sarees of India for their shimmering appearance and lustrous feel. These Mysore Silk sarees are still in high demand today due to the quality of the fabric, which is a rich mixture of fine silk and gold zari. If you are looking for an ethnic dress for a party or festive occasion, nothing beats the luxurious look of Mysore silk sarees.

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If you want to buy Mysore silk sarees online, you can explore the exclusive collection at Bookmywear. We have offered a variety of South Indian silk saree including Mysore silk sarees. The Mysore silk saree available in our e-store is not only in traditional designs but also in modern prints and patterns. They are also in fabrics such as georgette silk and crepe silk. Mysore crepe silk sarees are woven from hand-spun silk yarn which makes them very strong and sheen. Although they impart a classy and elegant look, they are not too fancy and are perfect for casual occasions.

You can find Mysore silk sarees in different colors and price ranges on Bookmywear. We offer these silk sarees not only in traditional hues such as red, green, and orange but also in contemporary colors such as lilac, grey and brown. Although zari is the primary embellishment of these sarees, they also come with floral borders and mango buttis that make them look more fashionable. Kasuti embroidery and Bandhani designs can also be found on some of these sarees.

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Mysore silk sarees used to be designed with only zari work but nowadays, mango butti and floral borders are also introduced to meet the desires of a modern woman. The flawless Bandhani designs are also done on these sarees to make them look more glamorous. A lot has been changed in the design work of Mysore silk sarees, to help women choose the one according to their style, personality, and occasion.


Orange, green, red, blue were the most common colors used in these sarees infused but today, more vibrant colors like grey, brown, and pastel shades are used to make it more appealing. If you want to explore Mysore silk sarees in various colors, you can visit

Status of Royalty:

Mysore silk sarees are the mark of royalty due to their intricate work and regal embellishments.

Tips To Buy Pure Mysore Silk Sarees Online

All women want to look their best in a saree. If you love Mysore silk sarees, here are a few tips to help you look extraordinary.

Mysore silk sarees suits every body type.

These sarees are the perfect dress when you are going to a party or any ethnic occasion. Instead of wearing an Anarkali, opt for a Mysore silk saree for a graceful and regal look. If you are having trouble in setting your pallu, pinup the tip of your saree pallu gently and allow the rest of the saree to fall on your hand.
Choose a saree with thin zari borders if your height is short. If you want to wear Mysore silk saree at work, pin-up the pleated saree completely. This makes the saree manageable. It will also make you look smart. Mysore silk saree is a great alternative to a salwar suit when you are heading to work or on a semi-formal occasion.
If you are tall, pick a saree with thick borders. Press the pleats carefully when you are wearing this saree for a flawless look.
Women who have a dark complexion can opt for shades like pink, maroon and green.
Flared petticoat with a Mysore silk saree is not ideal. Mysore silk saree is perfect when you want to stand out during a wedding or a reception party. Skip the commonly worn lehenga and drape yourself in this traditional silk saree for a gorgeous look.

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Get enchanted with our collection of elegant Mysore sarees and be the center of attraction anywhere you go. Whatever the occasion is, these sarees will help you shine. Moreover, they will compliment every personality to the highest note. Have a look at our broad range of assortment and you will certainly find your type of saree.

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