Sarees worn during various functions of an Indian wedding or reception party, either by the bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, relatives, and female guests are known as the wedding sarees. These sarees are, generally, designer creations or rich handloom silk sarees, which are heavy and have some amount of luxury appearance.

Traditional sarees for wedding functions

Sarees are an essential part of Indian weddings and festivities. In fact, special occasions, and marriages are incomplete without a fully decorated saree. So much so that, in the Indian outfits segment, the Indian wedding saree is a prime choice for women, as weddings and sarees are integrally linked to the Indian culture. Even someone who may never have worn a saree should wear it during one of the wedding ceremonies. Besides the obvious red bridal saree, many other types of wedding silk sarees and wedding designer sarees are worn by guests and relatives during a marriage ceremony.

Dulhan saree for wedding

Indian Wedding sarees are widely appreciated for their beauty, appeal, and cultural history. Indian brides prefer going for grand Wedding Silk Sarees and special designer Bridal Sarees. Printed sarees and semi-formal sarees for wedding functions are also quite popular. Sarees are worn by almost all senior and prominent women members and guests at weddings during pre-wedding functions and main rituals. Gifting wedding sarees are also a very common practice in Indian culture. Sarees are also worn during a wedding reception, which is another special marriage event. Most brides today prefer wearing designer reception sarees for their post-wedding function, apart from wearing bridal lehengas.

Exquisite varieties of wedding sarees help the bride transform into a princess on her wedding day. A bride dressed completely from head to toe in lovely Indian bridal sarees, opulent jewelry, classy makeup, and elegant footwear is undeniably the prettiest person around. Bookmywear brings you a wide collection of glamorous bridal sarees online with a plethora of options to choose from. These wedding sarees are also made from high-quality materials like silk and georgette.

Fancy Sarees for Wedding

Whether you are shopping for a wedding saree for yourself, for the bride, for relatives, or for gifts, it is always difficult to choose from a large collection. Families involved in wedding preparations tend to spend a huge amount of their precious time and effort looking for the perfect saree. Numerous trips are taken to stores and market places to find the right saree for the occasion, and you are even not sure you will find it. However, thanks to a vast variety now available online at Bookmywear, this problem of saree selection can be tackled easily now. Bookmywear ensures that you get access to the finest collection of wedding saree from all over India.

Buy Wedding Sarees Online from Bookmywear

Bookmywear is one of the best websites to buy Indian sarees and wedding sarees. We also bring you an impressive wedding saree collection and designer wedding sarees range for functions and parties. From heavy, hand-picked silks to gorgeous hand-woven wedding creations, exclusive, one-off traditional pieces, traditional bridal South Indian sarees to pocket-friendly designer sarees – there’s something for everyone in our grand wedding saree collection.

Why Sarees make for great Marriage attires?

A saree looks very elegant and classy, and when carried well, it can enhance the wearer’s personality and look. Saree is traditional attire, but at the same time, it is aesthetically appealing and fashionable. Many women love sarees for their luster and comfort. Saree can be draped in numerous ways, therefore, leaves a lot of scope for experimentation.

Wedding saree online shopping with Bookmywear

Wedding Sarees are available in a wide range of styles, fabrics, weaves, embellishments, and designs, that is why they are adorned by all. You can choose your bridal saree in the most traditional fashion like Banarasi Saree, Georgette Saree, Net Saree, Embroidered saree, and many more.
At Bookmywear, you will find a versatile range of styles inspired by unique traditions from different parts of the country. And if you are looking for something contemporary, our designer wedding saree collection meets the needs of contemporary fashion. Here is a look at some of the bridal wear sarees at Bookmywear’s online shop:

Embroidery Worked:

Each of these bridal sarees is designed with intricate embroidery designs. Some are even available in gold and silver embroidery. If you are attending a wedding function, you can dress in one of these teamed with shiny earrings and high-heeled shoes.

Banarasi sarees:

These sarees are designed by the original weavers of the holy city of Varanasi. These bridal sarees are made from the finest of silks and are renowned for their extensive Zari work. Extensive gold and silver brocades are used to embellish these sarees along with grand embroidery work.

Bandhani saree:

Bandhani saree is perfect for a wedding occasion. The fabric is colored using a tie-and-dye method to create bright colors. The saree is further embellished with stone-studded details and high-toned prints to make the bride stand out. These bridal sarees are ideal for wearing during pre-wedding functions.
You can choose from among many more varieties of sarees in fabrics such as Bhagalpuri, Chanderi, Mysore silk, Georgette, and more.

Buy Bridal Sarees Online With Ease

Reduce your stress during a wedding-preparation by picking up gorgeous bridal sarees online from Bookmywear. We at Bookmywear, bring you a wide range of bridal sarees at affordable prices. Simply visit to choose your favorites, and create memorable moments on your wedding day.

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